Dated Boathouse Transformed To Stunning Waterside Escape

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Love what you see? Take a peek at the talent behind the story… Interior Design: THREE SALT DESIGN Co. · Builder: United Custom Homes · Photography: Chad Mellon

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Is there any better way to kick off a summer weekend than with a beautiful boat house tour transformation?! I think not. Especially when it’s being delivered by the THREE SALT DESIGN Co. team, our newest design creatives on The List. Lindsay and Alex are known for their luxe designs in LA and Orange County, so you’d better believe the whole coastal casual vibe comes very natural to them. Today’s waterside escape is no exception. Take a walk through the stunning open concept, the sea of of blues, grays and white and a to-die-for soaking tub situation (this one is worth scrolling for!).

From THREE SALT DESIGN Co.Our Spinnaker Bay project was a beautiful labor of love that spanned the course of a year.  When we consulted with our clients, the house was already ripped down to the studs and while a general plan was in place, no real details had been finalized.  So we went to work on the specifics, and luckily our specialties, to transform this dated boathouse into a stunning waterside retreat for our clients to enjoy for years to come. 

The inspiration behind this project was mostly the location, but also the lifestyle of our clients. As busy executive professionals, they wanted a space that was relaxing and welcoming, but also clean and contemporary.  Custom designing each piece of millwork and major piece of upholstery allowed us to be creative with color scheme, focusing on coastal hues and textures, while also considering function and the best use of space.  

On this project we were lucky to work with clients that believe in our design experience, while also trusting that our goal is not only to make the house beautiful but to make it work for them. That is the ultimate inspiration. When we have the freedom and comfort to express fun ideas and creativity, we are able to have outcomes that are timeless and intentional.  

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