Tips for Making Your Bedroom Feel like a Modern California Retreat

Love what you see? Take a peek at the talent behind the story… Interior Design: SALTHOUSE collective · Photography: Charlotte Lea Photography · Build: DM Building

Love what you see? Take a peek at the talent behind the story… Interior Design: SALTHOUSE collective · Photography: Charlotte Lea Photography · Build: DM Building


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Inviting calm into our lives has never been more necessary than it has in the past year of pandemic life. Whether you work from home or simply crave a relaxing space to escape to at the end of the day—it’s easy to agree on one truth: a bedroom should feel like a retreat. It’s a space that should soothe and reset, and reflect a style that brings serenity to the mind and body. That’s just what this California Modern suite from SALTHOUSE collective delivers. We’re sitting down with Owner & Designer, Leigh Jendrusina to glean a few pointers on how to achieve this boutique look in our own homes, all while scrolling Charlotte Lea‘s snaps of the space.

Tell us a bit about the inspiration behind this serene primary bedroom remodel.

I believe a primary bedroom suite should always be a calm and relaxing retreat—like the one “vacation spot” in your home. Every time I walk into a cool hotel room, I always feel relaxed and ready for vacation, and I wanted to channel that feeling into this room. I went with a totally neutral vibe from a color standpoint but filled the primary suite with loads of textures and patterns to keep it interesting.

The boutique hotel vibe happening here is sooo good. What are some key components of the design that bring this look to life?

I love mixing patterns and textures in a space. I think some of the best-designed hotel rooms are super rich in texture and pattern mixing. In this primary suite, I was focused on a black, white, and oatmeal color palette; then I layered in patterns and textures in the rug, pillows, and bathroom tiles.

In the bedroom, the black and white rug is one of my favorites—it gives the room just the right amount of pattern and ties in well with the bathroom tiles. The rope and wood chair is another favorite element in the bedroom—it’s such a unique piece of furniture. Lastly, I love the mix of the white paneled walls with the rattan and gold bedside sconces. Wall sconces are such a fun design element in a room and the material mix in these were the perfect finishing touch to the room.

While I love the bedroom on its own, the seamless transition from the bedroom to the primary bathroom is so good. The black and white color palette carries into the bathroom perfectly with the Zia patterned floor and wall tiles. And the v-groove custom linen cabinet mixes well with the custom white oak vanity. Little bits of leather and gold are carried throughout the bathroom as well to bring a little texture to the space.

Lastly, I love greenery! It’s a natural and beautiful way to bring life into a space. I placed a variety of my favorite plants in woven and ceramic planters throughout the bedroom and bathroom to complete the space.

Tell us about your style stamp and how you left your mark on this project specifically?

I love patterns and I love textures—I use them in all of my projects. I guess you could say that’s my signature. In this primary suite, I kept the palette neutral for that serene retreat hotel-like vibe, but carefully used patterns and textures to ensure the space was rich and interesting in that California style that I love.

Now, more than ever, our bedrooms should be more than just a place to rest our heads—they should feel like a retreat. Can you share a few simple tips on how to achieve this with simple updates?

We’re all home a lot right now and our homes are acting as the space for everything—work, school, vacation, etc. Try to make your bedroom feel like your own personal boutique-hotel retreat. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Bring in a chair that feels a little different or unique that will make you smile every time you see it. Pair it with a cool side table and you’ve got yourself a nice personal place to escape from your everyday (even if just for a few moments).
  2. Change out your lighting—both overhead and bedside lighting to something with some interesting texture. Lighting is so much fun (and can be affordable) and really changes the feeling in the room.
  3. Rugs, bedding, and pillows can bring a whole new feeling to a room. If you want that neutral style—switch up your bedding by bringing in whites, oatmeals, linens; or change up your rug with a beautiful textured pattern.
  4. Lastly, and the way I finish every room—add greenery! Plants are the perfect way to bring some zen vibes into your room and always complete a space for me.

Let’s talk about pairing bold patterns. You did this beautifully in the primary bathroom! What’s the secret to a successful power-combo?

Pattern mixing is so much fun, especially with tile! I always like to mix a busy pattern (like the floor tile in the primary bathroom) with a less busy pattern (like the wall tile in the shower). I like to stick to the same color palette with the patterns as well so it’s less busy and more cohesive. In this case, all the tiles are black and white, but the patterns within this color palette play off of each other, which works really well.

Love what you see? Take a peek at the talent behind the story… Interior Design: SALTHOUSE collective · Photography: Charlotte Lea Photography · Build: DM Building

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