This Bachelor Pad Reclaims Wasted Space and Transforms Into a Newlywed Love Nest

Like what you see? Take a peek at the talent behind the story… Interior Design: Blue Copper Design · Photography: LifeCreated

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This mini-makeover, by Maegan Blau of Blue Copper Design, was a transformative experience for her clients. Knowing they wanted their life together to start with a home they could both love, but recognizing this wasn’t their forever home, they brought Maegan in for a small yet powerful makeover. Her savvy solutions have created a home that integrates both of their styles, reclaims unused space and pays homage to the couples shared interests. LifeCreated beautifully captured the transformation below.

From the designer… Our Altadena Project focused on creating a space for a young couple to grow into. We were hired because the fiancé moved into the home and wanted to transform this bachelor pad into a space they could start married life together. This was not the couple’s forever home and because of that they did not want to change major things like flooring and the floor plan, but rather use furniture, lighting, and a kitchen refresh to integrate their personal style. As designers, we know our job is to make beautiful spaces, but it is also our job to create designs that are in the best interest of our clients financially and show them ways to maximize their budget.

We focused the design on light tones, lots of textures, and furniture that they could easily move into other homes. Our design advice for young families is to invest in your dining room and bedroom furniture because in most homes you will have the space for dining tables and beds. We did that in our Altadena dining room by selecting more timeless dining pieces to anchor the space and have longevity.

The most fun part of the design for us was transforming the formal living room into a lounge. Our clients connected over cocktails after long days at work and we wanted to give them a space to relax, connect and entertain. A lot of Arizona homes built in the 90s have formal living rooms and dining rooms that people now think of as “wasted space”. We wanted to reclaim that space and use it for a reason that made sense for our clients. The tall ceilings were a perfect situation to add a chandelier moment that elevated the design while keeping it young and fresh. A console displayed their favorite liquors and cozy seating made the space perfect for game nights and conversations with friends.

One client loved neutrals, one loved more color and so we compromise the design plans by adding more color into the kitchen, neutrals in the living rooms, and a blend in the lounge. The living room was dedicated to a cozy spot to curl up and watch TV. Neutral colors and a blend of textures added interest to the space. This project was a total dream and we loved being a part of creating a new chapter for our clients.

Like what you see? Take a peek at the talent behind the story… Interior Design: Blue Copper Design · Photography: LifeCreated

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