The Prettiest Four Poster Beds for Your Master Bedroom

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Remember back when we featured Jasmine Tookes laid-back chic Los Angeles home? I haven’t been able to get her stunning master with that four poster bed out of my mind since. I love that it brings a statement to the room without overpowering. The trick? According to Robin Strickler of Design Works, go natural and neutral. All. the. yesss. Robin speaks my home language, so when she came to us with a few tips on incorporating the currently coveted four poster bed, we knew you’d love to hear, too. Take a peek below for the tips and a handful of master bedrooms that the Design Works team has used these beauties in. Plus, a handful of favorite selections, too, if you’re in the market for one!

Why are clients gravitating towards four poster beds lately?

We love designing with a four-poster bed, and are so happy our clients are on board with it, too! The four-poster bed is a statement piece and adds a WOW factor in the bedroom and definitely gives off a glamorous side to the room without being too overly feminine; it still has a bit of an edge. Also, it is not very typical to find one in your standard master bedroom, so people are liking to be a little different and welcome this timeless trend back in their bedrooms!

What types of materials work best? Any design tips?

We tend to use light, natural oaks and wood finishes, but you can use steel and dark woods as well. We like to pair a natural oak four-poster bed with dark grays, blush tones, or crisp, all white bedding. The bed alone is such a statement piece that you don’t want the bedding to add to it with a funky pattern, simple is best!

Also, we believe it is essential to use a headboard with the four-poster bed, and we tend to use an upholstered fabric headboard in a neutral linen. For the side tables, it’s ok for them not to match perfectly with the material of the four-poster bed, but typically we stay in the same color family so it has a cohesive look.

Any design tips to make it work in a room? Does the room need to be big so it’s not too overpowering?

We recommend using a four-poster bed in a larger, master bedroom. King size bed is perfect, with room on the sides for tables! You don’t want the bed to overpower the room, so be sure to always look at the ceiling height when designing; a 9+ foot height is ideal!

What are some of your favorites that are available online to our readers?

We source our four poster beds from our valued trade retailers, but found some similar favorites online!

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