Step Inside This Modern Arch-Filled La Jolla Sanctuary

Like what you see? Take a peek at the talent behind the story… Interior Design: Shannon Weller Design · Photography: Chad Mellon

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In a renovation that took place in the blink of an eye, Shannon Weller Design created a home that is the warm and serene sanctuary her clients dreamed of. Upon entering this gorgeous La Jolla renovation you’ll be greeted with grand arched entrances and a gently curving staircase. Its light and airy palette accentuates the soaring ceilings and the modern finishes complement the myriad architectural details. You may not realize you’re standing in what was formerly a Tuscan Revival. Take a peek at the incredible photos by Chad Mellon and tell us if you can believe your eyes.

From the designer… La Jolla Coastal was a unique project from the beginning. My clients usually find me when they’re establishing a budget, have begun working with an architect, or, at the very latest, when their contractor is ready to begin work. In this case, demolition was well underway and the contractor needed answers immediately. As a result, a project that would typically take 18 months to finish was completed in under nine. Looking back now, I see that forced me to be decisive and trust my instincts. Additionally, my client needed to trust me implicitly and sign off on decisions quickly. This was always the case.

From the moment I first met with my clients, they knew what they wanted. In fact, they bought the home as a true Tuscan revival, dripping with all the heavy detailing and the dark color palette, with a vision in mind. Their wants were simple: light, airy, modern, elevated. To accomplish this, the heavy details and dark colors were stripped away. The walls throughout the home went to a clean, crisp, white with beautiful millwork and pops of fun wallpaper where appropriate. Knowing that the new black iron doors and windows would create a bold statement themselves, I introduced an abundance of yummy textiles in coastal blues, whites and greys to soften the space. To tie it all together I worked with local master furniture makers to create beautiful bespoke furniture throughout the home and commissioned the statement art pieces from local artists.

Every detail was addressed, and the results speak for themselves. Beautiful, calm, serene, comfortable; it’s what Shannon Weller Design is all about. A home should be a sanctuary, and I strive to provide that for my clients. At La Jolla Coastal, I was blessed to have a client with great taste, the willingness to push boundaries, and ultimately, that trusted me without question. I’m truly thankful, and proud to have given them a home where they can escape the stress and chaos of life.

Like what you see? Take a peek at the talent behind the story… Interior Design: Shannon Weller Design · Photography: Chad Mellon

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