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Meet Elizabeth Ruffalo, the creative mind behind Pheasant Lane Designs. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering from Villanova University, she worked in the engineering industry for several years. This career enabled her to pursue a knack for creative problem solving while cultivating a passion for human-centric design. After receiving a second degree in Interior Design from Parsons’ New School for Design, she decided to forge her own path and combine her love of people and fine art with a methodical approach. Liz grew up in New Jersey, on Pheasant Lane, and strives to share her dedication, values and passion with all of her clients.

PLD is proud to serve Somerset Hills and Morris County in New Jersey and the Jersey Shore. Founded in 2016, our business is dedicated to bringing intentional, well-crafted spaces to life. We create interiors to call home—whether for work, play, or life. We’re backed by strategic industry relationships which enable us to execute any project or vision.

Pheasant Lane Designs is committed to putting your needs and personality first by honoring treasured items and intentions while always maintaining a high level of sophistication and taste. We’re always looking to channel the love and human connections that make life so special. We can’t wait to get to know you and make your design dreams come true.

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