New England Shingled Home with a California Vibe

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Love what you see? Take a peek at the talent behind the story… Interior Design: Meredith Rodday · Photography: Jessica Delaney 

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This home tour from Meredith Rodday Design is a story of west coast meets east coast. The clients, who are Native Californians, wanted to infuse a laid-back SoCal vibe into a new construction New England shingled home. Meredith layered on her design genius by combining textures and a largely neutral palette to achieve a coastal feel that feels relaxed and inviting. The result? Cali-Massachusetts beauty—scroll for the tour!

From Meredith Rodday… My clients first contacted me in April of 2019 while in the midst of purchasing a new construction home in Massachusetts. This move was a huge change from the beach town in their native SoCal, especially with two little boys under the age of 2 in tow! They knew they wanted to bring their California style to their new home in New England—with one caveat—none of the furnishings from their current home would be coming with them. Actually, the wife never saw the house in person until she moved with the kids in late July. They asked to have enough of the house ready so that the family could comfortably have places to sit, eat, and sleep.

I love a challenge and we quickly set to work infusing their laid-back vibe into the blank slate of new construction. We tackled the entry, living room, dining room, office, family room, master bedroom, and a guest room plus a few other connecting spaces like hallways and nooks. We continued to add finishing touches once they were settled in the Fall and currently we’re working on completing the finished basement.

Love what you see? Take a peek at the talent behind the story… Interior Design:Meredith Rodday · Photography:Jessica Delaney

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