Modern-Cozy Home with a Stunning Color Scheme

Love what you see? Take a peek at the talent behind the story… Interior Design: Brittany Krupnik of Blissful Design Studio · Photography: Rennai Hoefer

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The resounding statement that you’ll hear from most people in the process of redesigning their home (or even just one room) is, “I know what I like, but where do I start?!”. It should come as no surprise that we’d tell you hiring a designer will help solve that dilemma (we know a few you might like!), but the truth is that every designer’s process is different and an inspirational starting point can truly come from anywhere—a pattern, a piece of art, a pillow, a single hue you saw on an age-old wall during your trip to Italy… you name it. For our friend, Brittany Krupnik of Blissful Design Studio, the muse for today’s tour was a color palette that instantly drew her in. She’s walking us through the home below and giving us a peek into how this medley of warm colors guided her design process and breathed life into each space for a seamless look.

From Brittany Krupnik of Blissful Design Studio… Have you ever seen a color palette that you just fell in love with? I came across a beautiful room with shades of white, taupe, rust, caramel, gold and pink and I just knew that these wanted to use these colors in an upcoming design. It’s warm and so beautiful! My team and I used the color palette as the jumping-off point for each space in the home. And I love the finished results! Each room uses variations of the same color palette and the home has a cohesive feel, but they don’t all look the same.

To bring in the color in the living, we chose a beautiful rug that brought in all of the colors I wanted to see throughout the home. It’s the first room you see when you walk in and it sets the tone for the whole home. The sofas are neutral, but we chose accent chairs in a beautiful rust color and the pillows brought in the rest of the color. The most neutral space in the whole home is the kitchen. I wanted that space to feel bright and clean and I knew that it would be open to the other spaces, which would contain plenty of color. The white kitchen helps make the rest of the space feel balanced and brings a sense of calm to the rooms. However, we used accessories to bring in small amounts of color throughout. The dining room is more soft and subdued, but the art piece brings in pink and rust and the light fixture brings in the gold tones.

The bathrooms were so much fun to design and that is where we were able to have some fun with the color palette and bring in some pattern. In the master bathroom, we chose a terra-cotta colored hexagon tile for the flooring. I love the warmth in brings to the space paired with the white cabinetry and the varying shades of white in the shower tile. In the secondary master bathroom, we chose a more neutral color palette keeping with the white and taupe, but used a patterned floor and brought in the gold tones with the lighting and hardware.

In the bedrooms, we used variations of our color inspiration to create spaces that are lovely and cozy. I love the leather strap headboards that we chose in the first guest bedroom. They really bring in the caramel tones from our color inspiration and we paired them with white and taupe bedding and rust and pink throw pillows. In the additional guest bedroom, the wooden daybed brings in so much warmth and texture and we used the art piece to bring in tones of pink and a pop of orange as well.

What I love about using a color palette as the inspiration for a design is that each space has its own flavor and feeling, but all of the rooms work well together as a whole. Our color inspiration played a key role in how each space came together and the home feels inviting and cozy and warm.

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