Mike Van Tassell Photography

Mike Van Tassell Photography is an award-winning architectural and interior design photography studio based in New Jersey. We collaborate with leading designers & creators to capture their artistic vision.

I am equally devoted to delivering high-end photography, as well as an unmatched customer experience to each of my clients. Specializing in partnerships with architects, interior designers, brands, and businesses, what sets me apart is my ability to truly partner and collaborate with my clients as fellow artists with a vision for their work. I take time in my process to hear each of their unique needs and apply a trained eye to my photography, ultimately delivering stand-out photos that capture my client’s artistic vision and help their business to thrive.

My role as the photographer is to help my clients to establish a “style” to support their brand. This will ensure the photos created will have a consistent, cohesive, and authentic feel across their portfolio. My goal is to translate the story of the spaces using creativity and a collaborative relationship with my clients.

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