Lindye Galloway Launches Her Shop (and we love the mission behind it!)

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Love what you see? Take a peek at the talent behind the story… Shop: The Lindye Galloway Shop · Interior Design: Lindye Galloway Design Studio · Photography: Chad Mellon

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For interior designer Lindye Galloway, embracing an entrepreneurial spirit is an intrinsic trait. As the Owner and Creative Director of The Lindye Galloway Design Studio, she’s built a budding business from the ground up along with her incredible team—and the growth keeps coming! This week, Lindye and her husband, Winn, launched The Lindye Galloway Shop—an online destination for home furnishing and decor. Design-lovers, get ready to bring her signature California style and sophistication in your own home—it’s all so good.

The best part? The mission behind the shop is to Create Beauty. Give Beauty. and help budding entrepreneurs around the world gain the same access to opportunity via their non-profit partner. Read on to glean a bit more about Lindye and Winn’s thoughtful mission and a peek at some of the products you can find in the LGI Shop!

How did the Lindye Galloway Shop come to life? What was the first spark that ignited this extension of your business?

In September of last year, Winn and I started to ask ourselves how we could do more. We realized we were given opportunities in life that many around the world may never get. But we wondered, what if they could? What if we could create a shop, as an extension of my high-end interior design studio, that would help others around the world take a step towards those same opportunities?

Your tagline is ‘Create Beauty. Give Beauty.’ Can you tell us about the mission behind your shop?

By simply creating a beautiful home for your family, we believe that you – that we – can play a role in making the world more just, where economic opportunity isn’t limited to the few but available to many. A portion of every purchase is donated to our non-profit partner to give beauty around the world.

Tell us about your non-profit partner—how do they help entrepreneurs around the world?

Our non-profit partner provides micro-loans to entrepreneurs in areas where the foundation of resources and support to draw from don’t exist. With a small loan, these individuals are able to create and grow their businesses to build a better future for their families…and in turn, create opportunities for their neighbors. Our micro-loan partner has provided over $1 Billion in loans with an incredible 97.5% repayment rate. We are excited to add to those numbers with our shop!

What can we expect to see in terms of offerings in your new shop? Will we be able to shop items featured in your designs?

Our shop is an online destination for your entire home! From furniture to rugs, pillows, art, lighting, linens, and décor we’ve got a curated collection to make your home beautiful. Many of the pieces you see featured in our projects and on our Instagram feed will be in our shop!

Do you have any advice for other entrepreneurs who have been faced with change this year? What tips do you have to pivot and redirect?

This has been a unique year and as a small business owner, who is also launching a second business venture in the middle of a pandemic, there have been many pivots (oh the stories I have!). The greatest piece of advice I have is to be nimble. Be open to changes, stay ready to pivot, hold everything lightly, know it won’t be forever, and then DO. I’m personally viewing this season as a journey, one day at a time, knowing at the other end is likely something extraordinary that I wouldn’t have discovered if this season didn’t stretch me.

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