LA-Meets-Spain in This Charming Yorkshire Kitchen for Bert & May

Like what you see? Take a peek at the talent behind the story… Interior Design & Photography: deVOL Kitchens · Tile: Bert & May

Like what you see? Take a peek at the talent behind the story… Interior Design & Photography: deVOL Kitchens · Tile: Bert & May


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Embarking on a convivial partnership with Lee, the creator of Bert & May handmade tiles, and his partner Philip, deVOL Kitchens has fashioned a cozy and welcoming setting in Yorkshire. This charming kitchen radiates a fusion of Los Angeles and Spanish influences, expertly brought to life with the retro charm of Haberdasher’s furniture. Meticulously selected handmade tiles, a generously sized prep table and loads of texture seamlessly blend their new kitchen into the distinctive character of their Georgian home. See how they pulled it all together in the tour below.

From the designer… Welcome to a new deVOL Kitchen and what a special one it is. This Haberdasher’s project, which featured on season two of our TV show ‘For the Love of Kitchens’, belongs to Lee, founder of handmade tile company, Bert & May, and his partner Philip. What a joy it has been to work with them on this warm and welcoming space.

The vibe Lee and Philip wanted here was LA-meets-Spain, which could have been a tall order given they are in Yorkshire!! But we do love the notion of designing your home based on the places you love, that may be holiday destinations or just somewhere you feel comfortable and relaxed. Not enough people try to achieve this and it’s a wonderful place to start when designing a room.

We are biased, but the choice of our Haberdasher’s furniture was such a great one, slightly seventies and very LA, it has such a nostalgic feel to it. The warm wood, the gentle curves and the elegant slim glazed cupboards are all so chic and unfussy. The kitchen layout is perfect; a back wall of cabinetry, the sink and a really splendid big cooker and then the separation between the work and play area of the room is established with the prep table. On paper, the dimensions of the prep table are ridiculously big but once in the room it is completely at home and feels the ideal size. We can imagine it is an absolute joy to prepare meals at, whilst looking out over such spectacular views inside and out.

Carefully chosen, handmade tiles from Bert & May for the floor, walls and the fabulous statement fireplace looked so good, slightly rustic, full of texture and all of the perfect tone that really suits the mid-century deVOL kitchen, Lee and Philip’s furniture and the ambience that they were hoping to achieve for this new room. The finishing touches were a deVOL Heirloom Gaselier Light over the island, a big wooden dining table facing out into the garden with beautiful views of the natural swimming pool and lots of big floor-standing pots of leafy palms and greenery to make everything feel a bit more exotic.

Well, we think Lee and Philip have done such a wonderful job of turning a brand-new extension into a room full of holiday vibes, without it feeling at odds with the rest of their old and very characterful Georgian home. We are always in awe of how our customers interpret our simple, handmade furniture and they are right up there with the best in our opinion.

Like what you see? Take a peek at the talent behind the story… Interior Design & Photography: deVOL Kitchens · Tile: Bert & May

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