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La Casa Azul Design all begins with you, our valued clients. We can’t have our story without your story. This is our most favorite part of the design process… taking your life, your goals, dreams, experiences and using that to design a home that reflects all of these things. After all,  this will be your home and your story will continue to be molded in your new home(s).

With years of experience bringing beautiful interiors that work for the way you live, our focus is to partner with you and bring your ideas to life.  Our passion for our amazing clients and creating remarkable spaces for you, your family and friends is the fuel that keeps the creativity going.  In other words you inspire us!

Juaneice is committed to excellence and applying her diverse skills in custom building, renovating for local and national clientele. We appreciate you and can’t wait to hear about your needs and future plans.

Photography: Riley Starr

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