Is Your Branding Doing These 5 Things for Your Business?

Love what you see? Take a peek at the talent behind the story… Branding Expertise: Honor Creative 

Love what you see? Take a peek at the talent behind the story… Branding Expertise: Honor Creative 


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If you’re a business owner, you already know that thoughtful branding is important. But do you know exactly why? Beyond a clean-lined logo or a shiny website, do you know what your brand is helping you achieve?

With an impressive client list including Living With Landyn, Damsel in Dior, and Kristin Cavallari’s Uncommon James, the team at Honor Creative are creative minds that you’ll most definitely want to glean branding advice from. If you’ve not yet stumbled across the work of this boutique design studio in Nashville (who joined our community last year!), we’re thrilled to make the intro today—and in their namesake—we’re absolutely honored to host them on the blog to share 5 things your branding should be doing for you. Tell us, can you check off the list below?

From Honor Creative… To start, let’s define what we mean by “brand” as this is a term that is often misused and misunderstood. Yes, your brand is your logo and this is one of the most important elements of your branding, but it’s so much more than just this single element. It’s your mission, what makes you different from your competitors, your value set, and how you talk with your brand’s voice and tone.

“Investing in your business is saying you believe you’ll succeed.”

One of the best investments you’ll ever make toward the success of your company is building your brand with intention. Beyond enhanced recognition, branding can change how people perceive you, drive new business, and increase client loyalty. 

1. Are You Making a Memorable, First Impression?

Chances are, you’re an entrepreneur, in the process of launching your own business. Starting a new venture can be daunting, with a very long to-do list. When starting a business from scratch, branding should be step one. Think of your company as a house, and your branding as the foundation you build the structure of your house on. By having a strong, thoughtful foundation, you’re establishing how you will become known and recognized to your potential clients. This first impression should convey an unspoken sense of care and professionalism. A cohesive, consistent brand becomes the face of your company and, when done well, is one of the easiest ways to instantly stand out from your competitors and elicit a sense of trust from your client base.

2. Are You Building Trust with Your Ideal Audience?

Another common misperception is how consumers buy. People prioritize trust over performance. So why do most brands lead with performance? Because people aren’t sure how to elicit trust from someone they don’t actually know and haven’t met, so they lead with facts and figures. On the contrary, trust can be built by intangible, emotional connections like shared values, and how you convey yourself across all your touchpoints. How you communicate, the services you offer, a client-first approach, and professional branding aesthetics position you as an expert in your field and conveys assumed dependability that ultimately results in instant trust. Trust leads to a more loyal and less price-sensitive client. A win, win indeed.

3. Are You Attracting Your Ideal Client?

If you’re curious why those who are reaching out aren’t quite the right match, it could be your current brand positioning. For instance, if you’re looking to draw an aspirational audience, but those who are reaching out think you’re overpriced, your branding may not be portraying you in the right light. How you communicate and a cohesive aesthetic across your marketing channels gives potential clients an idea of what they can expect from you. If your branding isn’t a true reflection of you and how you want to be perceived, you’re doing yourself a disservice.  

4. Are You Increasing Your Business Value?

A strong brand with the right positioning is very desirable. When we see a company that has invested in enhancing or evolving their visual presence, paired with exceptional communication and consistent execution, we take notice. This says you are continually innovating and improving your organization, which can be very inspiring to your client base. Evolving your visual branding is always a great talking point worth sharing and leveraging with your client base to garner new business. If you’re adding services and possibly looking to increase pricing, this is a great opportunity to take a step back and look at your holistic approach to your branding strategy. 

5. Are You Enhancing Your Culture’s Pride?

You have a logo and a website, but you don’t love much about it and aren’t excited to share it with potential clients. Maybe your social is “all over the place” and you’re seeking some cohesive elements. You are not alone. We actually hear this a lot. Ask yourself, if you’re feeling this way about your own brand, how do you think your client’s first impression of your marketing and communications will be? This focus also translates to your internal team and the pride they feel for working for a company that truly stands behind their brand and its values. When everyone involved within an organization is aligned and armed with the strategy and tools to communicate what you do and why you do it better than anyone else, there is a powerful sense of belonging and pride in not only the organization but also in the role they play and their purpose.

Love what you see? Take a peek at the talent behind the story… Branding Expertise: Honor Creative 

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