Five Minutes with Interior Photographer Valerie Wilcox

Like what you see? Take a peek at the talent behind the story… Photography: Valerie Wilcox · Interior Design for Feature Image: Muskoka Living

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Shooting what you love is a passion that drives most photographers to create stunning images that grace our social feeds, magazine pages, and imaginations. Valerie Wilcox has taken her love for interior photography and combined it with her detail oriented inclination to do just this. See a sampling of her beautiful work and learn more about Valerie in her interview below.

Interior Design: Orsi Panos

Tell us about your start in this industry, was a career in interior photography what you always dreamt of doing?

When I started in the industry, I bounced around to all different areas of the photography world. After being on a couple of interior shoots, I realized this was the avenue for me.

Who gave you the best piece of advice when you were starting out and what was it?

One of my teachers gave me the advice, to shoot what you love, so that you are as invested in the content of the image as you are the image itself.

Interior Design: Orsi Panos
Interior Design: Marley Studio

Where do you go when you are in need of some creative fuel?

Magazines! When I need to feel inspired and encouraged, I look at the work of other interior photographers, whose work I admire and aspire to.

How do you know when you’ve snapped ‘the shot’ that could make it onto a cover?

When you create a shot that you know is cover worthy, the whole crew knows, and you can feel the excitement in the room.

Interior Design: Ali Budd Interiors
Interior Design: Muskoka Living

You’re a featured photographer in ‘Collected’ by Sarah Richardson, amazing! If a young photographer told you they wanted to work on a book, would you tell them to do it? Why or why not?

Go for it! Collaborating on or being a contributor to a book, full of your industry peers, is a very rewarding experience. Having your work showcased along with other talented artists is empowering.

Interior Design: Jennifer Worts Design
Interior Design: Aspen & Ivy

What passions do you pursue when you’re not behind the lens?

I love to travel with my family and friends. Whether it’s two hours in the car or 10 hours on a plane, I enjoy exploring new places.

Interior Design: Ali Budd Interiors

Like what you see? Take a peek at the talent behind the story… Photography: Valerie Wilcox · Interior Design for Feature Image: Muskoka Living

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