Danielle Rose Design Co.

Danielle Rose Design Co. is a full-service interior design firm based in the New York City Area, specializing in designing elevated and eclectic family homes. Each home we design is the product of countless hours spent studying the daily lives and values of our clients. Our work is characterized by our inherent ability to weave their story into the details, balancing intentional curation with effortless livability. We thoughtfully source every element—from handmade tiles to hand-knotted rugs—for enduring beauty and functionality.

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“Danielle is a breath of fresh air. She is gracious with her time, insight, and advice. It is so rare to work with someone who truly cares as much as Danielle does, and who takes the time to get every single, solitary detail perfect.”

– Sydney L.

“Danielle was organized and efficient, extremely responsive, knowledgeable, and of course has impeccable style. She takes extensive time to understand what her clients want. Thank you Danielle, we love our new home!”

– Josh B.