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Are you an interior designer or creative business owner looking to transform your brand and website? Introducing, the HAVEN x Saffron Avenue website template collaboration. We’re answering your most-asked questions here!

Are you an interior designer or creative business owner looking to transform your brand and website? Introducing, the HAVEN x Saffron Avenue website template collaboration. We’re answering your most-asked questions here!


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A little over a year ago I had a call that would change the trajectory of HAVEN, for the better. I felt a few things during that call… I was excited and hopeful to transform my business but yet, nervous to make such a huge investment. After that first call, I realized that this next step wasn’t going to be a ‘huge’ investment, it would be a ‘powerful’ one. It was one of the very first moments I learned three things about growth: 1. It comes by taking risks, 2. It soars when you trust others (who are really good at what they do) to guide you and, 3. Investing in your biz now will cost you less than if you wait a year or two.

The call I had was with my friend, Angela of Saffron Avenue. In the following six months we worked together to transform HAVEN with this gorgeous website you’re on right now. But working with Angela was so much more than designing a new website—the process made me dive deep into the WHY of my business. I learned that branding was SO much more than a pretty logo and a fresh, clean website design. Those things mattered, sure, but only with purpose. I also learned that the Showit platform allowed me to update my own website in minutes—no developer needed, which was a game-changer.

I wanted to shout about my experience with Angela from the rooftops, but instead, we thought of something better—the HAVEN x Saffron Avenue website template collaboration. We’re bringing you four stunning, customizable templates tailored for interior designers and creatives. Ready to learn more? Angela is walking us through all the details below. You can also try out the free demo here. Get 15% off your template, with code: HAVENLAUNCH15 now through Saturday, March 7th!

Why are these templates unique?

To be honest, I could list plenty of reasons why these customizable website templates are different. From the amount of unique page designs, the matching editable social media templates, or simply how customizable Showit is for creatives and interior designers. But there are THREE main things I hear from past customers…

No.1 The level of detail and thought in them is unmatched

Each page is intentionally thought-out and unique from one another. From the headings, the layout, the links, the pops ups, the hover affect, the flow, etc. I wanted to create designs that didn’t look or feel like a typical template (ex: re-using the same design/elements over and over again). Instead, each one has its own identity and creative touch!

As creatives and interior designers, it’s a game-changer having the opportunity to be as creative as we want in our website!

02. The video help site is one-of-a-kind.

Most templates in the industry receive some guided PDFs and links to the platform support docs. These are a bit different and come with a separate video resource site that is unique to each template design along with the Showit Help docs and Facebook Group. My goal is to teach you exactly how to edit the pages on your templates so you can be comfortable with making it your own. Ex: re-arranging elements, layouts, etc!

Not only that, but new video’s and tutorials can be added. More recently, I created an entire resource page dedicated to using your Shop templates and the cart options for them.

03. The support & communication is delightfully unexpected.

There is one thing most customers don’t realize when they purchase a Saffron Avenue template…that they automatically have me cheering them on. It’s true, I reach out to ever single template customer to say thank you. Thank you for investing in something I poured my heart into and thank you for trusting me for their business.

An investment like this is important and I’m here to make sure it’s right for you and your creative business. I am always open to chatting (via chatbox on this page) or sending me an email!

What’s All Included?

01. Website Content Planner

This fillable (or printable) 40 page PDF content planner will help you understand your ideal visitor, your website goals, your keywords and phrases, and what to include and write on your template pages. This will help you have a solid starting point when adding your content and images to the template.

02. An 18+ Page Showit Website

These templates include just about everything you need. From your basic internal pages to the ones you might not even think of (404, Thank you page, instagram landing, sign-up page, etc). Not only that, but I just recently added a variety of optional Shop templates, with tutorials showing you how to use Shopify or SendOwl buy-buttons.

Each of those pages are drag-and-drop and easy to edit to align with your brand colors, fonts, and style.

03. Social Media & Stationery Templates

Because I know how important it is to be fully branded online, the bundle comes with matching social media & stationery templates. They align with the template and can be customized in photoshop or with your own fonts and colors.

What is Showit & How Easy is It?

Showit is the most design-friendly, drag-and-drop website platform! It doesn’t require any code or development, but just some good design and creativity. You can take a peek at the video below as well, just to see how easy it is to customize.


Showit also uses WordPress for blogging. You do have 2 logins (showit and WordPress blog), but all the design is managed/edited via Showit and publishing blog posts are created within WordPress.

That means you get the blogging power of WordPress with the design power of Showit! P.S. I have detailed tutorials walking you through how it’s used!

Although you may hear that it’s a ‘template’, it really can be customized as much as you are comfortable with. I’ve had customers simply replace the colors and fonts with their own and other customers who have completely transformed it to their style and brand on their own or hiring a designer. Like the WILLOW template being transformed like THIS and THIS.

Take a peek here at some more transformations!

Want to Try Before You Buy?

Because this is an investment for your business you can try Showit out (for free) for 14 days. Not only that, but I created free individual demo pages for each of my templates. That way you can pop your logo in, change out the colors and get a real example of how it works.

Not only that, but I’m always available to answer questions in the chat box, just to make sure that Showit and these templates will be a good fit!

How Do I Get Started?

  1. You can sign up for Showit here and once you purchase the template design (HERE) you simply input your ‘share key’ into the design. (AKA: no uploading, child themes, code, etc). P.s. showit is an online app platform, so you do need internet and chrome to use it 🙂
  2. If you currently have a site, domain and email, you can wait to connect it until you’re about to launch. Just note, that moving forward you’ll keep the domain/email but will no longer need your hosting (showit will take over that).
  3. When ready to launch, you just need to make sure your emails and domain are being hosted, ex: like on Gsuite, GoDaddy, Hover, etc. so you can ‘submit domain setup’. In which showit will help you connect and set everything up.
  4. Request either a new blog setup or request Showit to migrate your blog for you. That will take slightly longer, but they will help you along the way!
  5. Launch it!

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