Cozy at Home Shopping List (Quarantine Edition)

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From self-care to domestic surroundings, we’re rounding up a few things to help you stay cozy at home during quarantine! Click the links below to shop each product. 

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Spring is here but with the current quarantine status, does anyone else sort of feel like we’re settling into a season of restful renewal? We’re being (appropriately) forced to examine everything about our lives—our inner selves, our homes, our routines, our values. In repose, we’re learning and growing, we’re making time for the things we had on our ‘someday’ lists, we’re singing our children an extra song before bed, we’re slowing down, we’re cooking more, we’re sifting out the unnecessary—both in our minds and our dwellings. I wouldn’t normally identify April as a month of cozy, but right now while we’re seeking solace, comfort is a top priority. We’ve rounded up a few things to give you all the cozy feels—from self-care to domestic surroundings.

1. Terracotta Stone Diffuser · 2. Balance Roll-on · 3. Boost Essential Oil Blend · 4. Fleece Pullover · 5. Plaster Pendant · 6. Faux Olive Tree + Gray Stripe Planter · 7. Shearling Mule · 8. Sheepskin Wool Throw · 9. G.Tox Dry Brush · 10. Decorative Marble Chain · 11. Salt & Sea Candle · 12. Wick Trimmer · 13. The Cook’s Atelier · 14. Rattan Cocktail Shaker · 15. Cane & Rope Tray · 16. Tan Stripe Pillow Cover

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