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Cory Connor Designs is commitment to creating functional, elevated spaces that infuse comfort, tranquility, and organization into the lives of her clients. With a client-centric ethos rooted in transparency and effective communication, we stand out for our unique ability to strike a harmonious balance between approachable warmth and sophisticated style. We forge meaningful connections with clients on a personal level, while delivering beautiful, tailored designs that elevate their living experiences to new heights.

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We are thrilled with the living room and kitchen renovation Cory designed for our family! She struck the perfect balance of elegance and casual comfort, creating spaces that are both stylish and incredibly inviting. Cory’s excellent communication and responsiveness throughout the project made us feel confident and at ease. Most importantly, she understood our desire for functionality alongside beauty, ensuring these rooms are perfect for our growing family. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Cory to anyone looking for a talented designer who can create a dream home.