Bria Hammel’s Top Tips on How to Make Your Outdoor Space an Oasis

Love what you see? Take a peek at the talent behind the story… Tips: Bria Hammel · Decor: Brooke & Lou

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Good morning, friends! What are you doing to get your weekend off to a beautiful start? Like many of you, our family has been fully embracing the fresh air, alfresco meals, and relaxed backyard memory-making. While we initially felt that the pandemic would create limitations around our summer activities, the truth is—we’ve had one of our best summers yet. I don’t doubt that has a little something to do with the effort we’ve put into our outdoor living space, which is equally as important as our indoor spaces.

This year, we’ve been drawing a lot of inspiration from our dear friend, Bria Hammel of Brooke & Lou, who is always killing the outdoor living game—from the spaces she and her team design to the lovely offerings available at her shop. We collected a few of Bria’s top tips for making the best of your outdoor space, while creating a true extension of your indoor living space, functionally and aesthetically.

1. Treat your outdoor space just like you do your indoor.

Choose pieces that are a natural extension of your interiors style and that feel cohesive with your home as a whole. For instance, if your house has a traditional aesthetic, going super modern with your patio furniture will make your outdoor space feel disconnected from the rest of the home.

2. Consider function first, followed closely by aesthetics.

Make sure that your outdoor space functions for your life and lifestyle. If you have young kids, this may mean skipping the glass top table and going for something more durable. Do you love to eat al fresco but have limited space? Prioritize a dining table over a chaise lounge chair. Aligning your outdoor space with your lifestyle will make the space all the more usable.

3. Prioritize comfort.

You’ll love and use your outdoor space so much more if you invest in some comfortable furniture. Outdoor furniture has come such a long way over the years that you’ll be surprised how soft and luxe outdoor furniture, rugs, and pillows can be!

4. That being said, fill your outdoor space with things you love with a goal of sparking joy!

This may be through flowers, plants, or an herb garden. Or perhaps it’s via a gorgeous (and durable!) outdoor rug or some weather-resistant patterned throw pillows. If you fill the space with beautiful touches, you’ll enjoy it all the more.

Love what you see? Take a peek at the talent behind the story… Tips: Bria Hammel · Decor: Brooke & Lou

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