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Like what you see? Take a peek at the talent behind the story… Interior Design: The Lynden Lane Co. · Photography: Stetten Wilson

Like what you see? Take a peek at the talent behind the story… Interior Design: The Lynden Lane Co. · Photography: Stetten Wilson


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The Lynden Lane Co. has done it again…once more they have taken a simple house and turned it into a personalized, thoughtful, and charming home for their clients. Their deep understanding of not only the homeowners’ needs, but their lifestyle has created a cozy and functional space that will be filled with memories for years to come. Stay tuned for a sweet little nursery at the end to see how they really take personal touches to heart.

On the first day that we met the clients, we happened to arrive at the property first. We stepped inside, and the house just spoke to us. It was a cozy, charming structure, plastered with poor paint and discordant decor choices. After the clients arrived, we proceeded with a walk-through. It was quickly clear that it was going to be more than just a simple furnishing and kitchen remodel. With a new baby entering the family and having this be the couples’ first home together, we wanted to make the home warm, inviting, functional, and a significant place for our clients.

The project was centered around the kitchen—our client is a phenomenal baker and we wanted to cater each design element to her specific baking needs. A custom baking and rolling station adjusted for her height, a mixing station that pulled out from the cabinetry, rounded edges of a turned-leg piece so eggs wouldn’t roll off…all of the elements to produce her perfect pie. A giant island where all the family could gather, a cozy breakfast nook where they can enjoy mornings together…each room represented a symbol of endless experiences and memories they could share together.

We prioritized the function of this home. We frequently asked each other, “What does life look like in this home?” as an effort to predict even the smallest needs.

The next room that came to life is what we coined as the “Music Room.” It became a retreat with beautiful keepsakes from their family over the years—chairs and posters from music festivals, bucket chairs, and custom built floating shelves with oval fronts. We envisioned the living room to have a formal, but not overly formal, feel with an aspect of versatility. Someone could be snoozing on one couch and reading on the other one. In the living room, we installed beautiful french doors that opened up to the back patio, letting beams of natural light flow into the house.

Our clients have a large extended family and social circle, so we created a large custom dining table with a racetrack shape, straying away from any sharp corners to promote safety for the baby and save the pain of many bumped hips. The dining room became the focal point of the house, visible from the entrance as an opening to a welcoming space. The layout of the house allowed for each room to flood into the next, so we wanted to ensure every space felt singular and had bold personalities to differentiate from one another, while still maintaining a common and consistent thread of theme throughout the house. The family room was originally sunken down from the kitchen and divided by a big wall. We removed the wall and instead added a custom railing to incorporate a smoother visual flow to the space.

Moving upstairs, the owners’ bathroom became a place of complete serenity. We used creams and deep blues, took advantage of the high ceilings, and installed a beautiful bubble light fixture over the tub. The owners’ bedroom followed theme with cozy blues, overstuffed chairs, and a natural bench at the foot of their bed.

We were particularly connected to the baby’s bedroom, as the inspiration for the wallpaper was taken from the couple’s wedding stationary, creating a full circle moment for the family.

When it was finally time to turn over the finished project to our clients, the home filled with emotions and many tears fell. Everyone felt deeply connected to this project, including our team. Having the opportunity to strip down and unveil the natural beauty of this structure, and turn it into a home for this sweet family, was one of the true honors of our careers at Lynden Lane.

Like what you see? Take a peek at the talent behind the story… Interior Design: The Lynden Lane Co. · Photography: Stetten Wilson

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