A New Website and Logo Created a Snowball Effect for This Designer

Like what you see? Take a peek at the talent behind the story… Branding & Web Design: Victoria & Co · Interior Design: Courtney Parker Interiors · Photography: Tamara Flanagan

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Victoria & Co’s method of empathy-driven design harnessed the essence of Courtney Parker Interiors and created a snowball effect that Courtney didn’t see coming. Not only did Victoria create branding that Courtney is proud of and eager to use on social media, she facilitated a scenario in which Courtney’s ideal clients come to her. See how she brought this brand to the next level in the story below!

From the branding expert… Courtney Parker Interiors is a Boston-based interior designer known for her clean, transitional style and signature blue hues. Her educational background in architecture and interior design as well as her signature style and streamlined process differentiates her from other interior designers in the area, but she needed a brand and website that communicated her unique offerings authentically and positioned her brand to align with her target clientele.

Victoria & Co. was brought on to develop Courtney’s brand strategy, identifying and clarifying her ideal type of client (down to what type of dog they have!) and instantly Courtney began to see those clients reach out to her.

We redesigned her visual identity to align with her minimal, transitional style and of course work in those signature blues. Her redesigned website features a completely custom design built on Squarespace – therefore offering a one-of-a-kind user experience and providing her with a platform that’s stable, easy to maintain, and SEO-friendly. Many interactive elements throughout the website provide a touch of delight. In addition, her portfolio and journal offer an in-depth look into her style and process.

Since the brand & website launch, Courtney has seen a significant increase in the quality of inquiries. No longer is she wasting time sorting through requests that don’t align with her pricing, but she’s attracting homeowners who desire her signature interior style and are willing to invest in it.

Victoria & Co created everything from logo and brand design to website and SEO. What I received that I didn’t know I was getting was a snowball effect stemming from Victoria’s work… a brand that I am proud to use on socials and marketing, help articulating my streamlined design process, confidence attracting my ideal clients, a website that is beautiful, easy to navigate and highly functioning. Lastly, a friend and cheerleader in the industry.

Courtney Whitaker, founder of Courtney Parker Interiors

Like what you see? Take a peek at the talent behind the story… Branding & Web Design: Victoria & Co · Interior Design: Courtney Parker Interiors · Photography: Tamara Flanagan

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