5 Tips for Thinking Outside the Box with Your Nursery

Love what you see? Take a peek at the talent behind the story… Interior Design: mStarr design · Photography: Becca Brendler

Love what you see? Take a peek at the talent behind the story… Interior Design: mStarr design · Photography: Becca Brendler


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The little lady who resides in this nursery is going to be nurtured by such a good sense of style. Her adorable room might just be the most unexpected (in the best way possible) and chic nursery I’ve ever set sights on. That notion comes as no surprise with our dear friend, mStarr design at the helm!

Emily created such a beautiful juxtaposition of sweet and sophisticated, daring yet darling and edgy but endearing. The use of black, the marrying of styles, that ridiculously good statement wall that mirrors an equally fantastic shelfie situation… it’s way cooler than my own master bedroom if I’m being honest. Have a little looksie at the shots by Becca Brendler below, along with a few tips from mStarr design on how to think outside the box with your own nursery or kids’ room.

Tip 1

Think outside the box: mix + match textures and elements you might not traditionally think to pair together… for example, the boho-leaning rattan daybed next to a more contemporary dresser.

Tip 2

Go bold… yes, I’m talking black! We built the room around that black wall and built upon it with the black crib and ottoman accent.

Tip 3

What can you repurpose OR what can you use that can be repurposed down the line? We repurposed those CB2 bookcases. They were used in the previously occupied office space and can be used for any phase of baby’s life!

Tip 4

Shop around! Whether it’s for a particular item (in our case, that black ottoman) or a particular look, there’s an abundance of options on the internet. In other words, it doesn’t have to be an item from a well-known kids’ brand.

Tip 5

Gallery walls are a design staple for a reason. Once you get the right sizes, colors and configurations, you can easily swap out artwork or photography as you see fit.

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