3 Tips for Using Bold Textures & Colors in a Small Space

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Love what you see? Take a peek at the talent behind the story… Interior Design: Laura Brophy · Photography: Hugo Landa Garcia

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It only seems fitting that the first post fresh off my trip to Southern California be of a gorgeous home tour in Corona del Mar. I had the chance to drive through this beautiful seaside neighborhood last week and it’s truly a dream spot to live. While the views are expansive, you might find yourself opting for smaller square footage if you’re buying in the area—but that doesn’t mean sacrificing style. The proof lives in designs like this one from Laura Brophy, where bold colors and textures actually open up the space. Laura is sharing a few tips on how to accomplish this in your own small space below along with the full tour captured by Hugo Landa Garcia.

3 Tips for Using Bold Textures & Colors in a Small Space

1. Layering in unique accessories are a great place to incorporate pops of color and add personality into a space. It’s also a practical way to easily modify the style of the space at a later time if needed.

2. Woven pillows, rugs and chunky throws are all great ways to add texture and warmth to a small space. You can also re-upholster a lounge chair or dining chairs in a colorful pattern.

3. If you want to be more expressive – be playful! A bold paint color or wallpaper is intriguing and adds interest. There are dozens of paint and wallpaper companies that offer really fun options. Some of the cutest, smallest spaces I’ve seen are powder rooms that have really eccentric, colorful wallpaper. If you don’t want to commit to paint or wallpaper go for colorful art or a wall tapestry. Don’t be afraid to go with oversized art too – it makes a statement and can make a room look even bigger.

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