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We aspire to restore order, beauty, and flourishing to the lives of our clients through home design. Design is always about people and a well-designed space should encourage thriving and community. We serve our clients and partners with true professionalism, an “others first” philosophy, and beautiful designs with a modern vibe. Our goal is to help bring restoration to those we serve and to our community and those around the globe.

We are so grateful to many who invested and believed in our success before we did. We are happy to offer a wide range of services, from custom design-build home projects to remodeling and anything in between. We love to work with clients and their architects in the initial design phase and see the project through to completion, overseeing all the details and selections unique to each home. We offer e-design service, providing a design plan and list of materials for client’s execution, and full service interior design coordinated and installed by Wellhouse & Co. If you are building or renovating to accommodate an elderly parent or a special needs individual, we would especially love to be involved with your project.

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