sKout, Inc.

Skout homes are designed for effortless living.

At Skout, we believe dinner is best served al fresco in wet bathing suits, furniture is made for lounging, and windows should be left wide open. We believe your home should incorporate the memories and the people inside the home. We believe basking in the Southern California sunshine should be a part of every design plan. We’ll always opt for vintage over new and custom over retail in a project. Most importantly, your space should tell your story.

Our style is the Southern California Coast lifestyle, elevated. It’s low-key, lived-in, and eclectic. It’s laid-back luxury—warm, textural, and inviting. Our designs are easy to live in and look at, where stuff is minimal and art is fun. We skirt design rules in favor of fun.

Whether you’re working with us on a new build project, renovating your dream house, or just looking to bring that Shop Skout vibe home, we’re so glad you’re here.

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