Sharp + Grey Interiors

Sharp + Grey Interiors is a residential design firm based in Philadelphia, PA offering full-service interior design, online design, and consulting. Creating custom designs that reflect every individual’s unique lifestyle, the firm emphasizes service, collaboration and creativity, making every client’s home feel as quintessentially them as possible.

After working in corporate marketing for almost 20 years, Owner and Principal Designer, Libby Rawes’s career path changed after purchasing and redecorating a historic home in Philadelphia. The entire experience felt more than just natural, it was therapeutic. This led her to pivot and start Sharp + Grey Interiors with the ethos ‘Home is where life happens.’ Libby’s passion lies in helping her clients make the most of their spaces through beautiful yet thoughtful design that illuminates what they love most about their lives at home, day in and day out, seamlessly flowing from one room to the next.

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