Samantha Stein Interiors

Samantha Stein is known for her fresh, family-friendly interiors with an eclectic twist. A champion of the classic and cozy, she isn’t afraid to sprinkle a “collected” feel in each of the spaces she touches by incorporating antique pieces and vintage art, textiles, and rugs throughout.

A native of Nashville, she launched Samantha Stein Interiors in 2018 after honing her craft locally at both commercial and residential firms. She offers full-service interior design as well as e-design, styling, and sourcing sessions. Samantha believes everyone should be able to have a home they love, regardless of budget or lifestyle.

To Samantha, interior design offers an opportunity to discover the true potential of a space. She loves the creative process and innate artistry involved in each project she takes on. And while Samantha holds her work to the highest standard, she also prides herself on connecting with her clients in a natural, comfortable way. Her goal is to make every client feel empowered and included in the design process.

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