Behind the Scenes of Our Website Redesign with Saffron Avenue


Want to see how our new website came to life? Our designer, Angela of Saffron Avenue is sharing a behind the scenes peek at the entire process!

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Welcome to the brand new HAVEN, friends! Today has been a whirlwind of excitement, joy and so many happy tears. We are SO proud of this space we’ve created, because it’s now at the caliber of our content and deserving of our beautifully growing community (ahem, you guys). None of this would have been possible without the help of our incredible designer, Angela of Saffron Avenue. The brand update and redesign process was so detailed and amazing from start to finish, I knew we couldn’t kick things off without inviting Angela to give you a behind the scenes peek at our process.

But first, here’s a bit about how things got cooking… Six months ago (what feels like a lifetime ago) I decided it was time to start planning HAVEN’s first Workshop and knew we need a kickass workshop website. At the time, our little publication was growing rapidly and I felt that our (previous) site design wasn’t very functional or user-friendly. As a graphic designer myself, I had originally customized a coded theme in which I needed to use a developer for custom updates, which could take weeks. No, thanks! I needed a more efficient option. Angela’s gorgeous Showit website templates had been popping up in my Instagram feed and I loved the idea of ‘drag-and-drop’ design.

The New Year rolled around and I emailed Angela with fingers and toes crossed that she had room on her calendar to fancy up a completely custom website for HAVEN. I had watched Saffron Avenue grow over the years and was a long-time fan of Angela, so it was a complete dream when she said yes. Does it sort of sound like I proposed to her? Because I kind of did. And now, here we are, with a brand new beauty that is somewhat of a baby to both of us and I couldn’t be more grateful or overjoyed. Without further ado, here’s Angela, let’s dive in!

Hi new friends! I’m Angela, the brand stylist, website designer, calligrapher, and digital shop owner over at Saffron Avenue. Back in January I received the BEST email from Melissa, asking me what my availability was help her redesign HAVEN. My level of excitement was through the roof because I already knew how beautiful her style is and could already imagine what we would create together.

So, to share this big website and blog re-design with her and you today means the world to me. And with that, I thought I’d take you a bit behind the scenes and show you the process (and key features)!

No. 01

The Brand Style

The first thing I do with any new client is to start with their brand style, direction and goals. Melissa filled out my detailed brand personality questionnaire, did her Pinterest homework, and established who her ideal visitors and customers are.

From there I pull together some of her key brand words, a color palette, and establish her overall style with a color inspiration board. This step is crucial for both of us to make sure we are on the same page and have put together the groundwork necessary before moving forward.

hat . magnolia . pattern . kitchen . fonts . pattern

No. 02

The Brand Elements

Because the Haven brand and logo was already in place (and has built brand recognition) I recommended to Melissa that we leave it as is and simply create brand elements that align with it and can be used throughout the new website. With that, I designed her secondary logo, a sub mark / monogram, font pairings, and patterns that are used as we move forward.

P.S. we are both HIGHLY obsessed with the custom rattan pattern I created, it’s subtle and perfect!

No. 03

Website Homework

Before I dive into any website design I have my client either hire a copyrighter or go through and Fill out my detailed Website Content Planner from my shop. This planner helps establish who your ideal visitor is, what your website goals are, and how to lay out and create content that flows and converts. AKA: to keep them browsing through your site, signing up on your list, purchasing a product, or reaching out 🙂

Melissa was AMAZING with this! Because she is visual (like me) she filled out the page content planner and sketched out the flow. This not only helps me understand her goals but also helps me design the pages in a clear and easy-to-understand way.

No. 04

The Website Design

Once the content is finalized I am able to dive into the homepage design first. I cannot tell you how much fun I had designing each of these pages. The main thing I wanted to focus on is the flow and making sure the design does not distract from the content (or look/feel confusing and messy).

As I started to design the pages I wanted to make sure the overall look/color is neutral, but has those subtle touches of design. We did this by incorporating her brand patterns, some hand-lettering, and of course playing with the font pairings.

Take a peek below at a few of the fun pages we created!

the new blog

The About Page Design

No. 05

The Website Development

If you haven’t taken a peek yet at My SHOP yet, you’ll quickly find out my love of Showit. This website platform has been a game changer for me and my clients because of the easy drag-and-drop capabilities. The Haven website and blog is all completely done on Showit + Worpdress (since Showit uses WP for the blog platform).

That allowed me to have unlimited creativity in so many ways, especially considering she also has the option to easily hop into a page to edit, re-arrange, and swap out photos as she pleases (without a developer). Not only that but Showit is always available for support 😉

Some New Updates

The List Page

We’ve moved her list profiles to actual pages and you now have the option to easily sort and filter through the various categories in The List!

The Shop

Her shop is now categorized and customized based on season, room, etc. You can filter and shop through products easily without having to endlessly scroll.

The Categories

We made sure to highlight her main categories. The Haven List is full of SO MANY amazing blog posts and we wanted to make sure you can quickly and easily navigate through them based on what you are searching for. Not only that, but we created an option to sort through Paint Colors and Home Tours in a neat way!

The Workshop

This is a BIG one and new to Haven. The Workshop page was designed to align with the brand and blog and showcase her upcoming Workshop for Interior Designers.

The Quiz

Using Interact and Showit Melissa created a fun quiz to see what you design style is. Once you fill it out you’ll land on a detailed result page based on your style..with various resources!

No. 06

The Website Launch

Last but not least, Melissa used my Launch Kit & Planner to gain some hype around both the website redesign and the NEW Haven Workshop! The launch kit helps establish a timeline for your website (product or service) as well as customizable templates to help announce it!

I honestly couldn’t be happier with’s by far one of my most detailed and creative website designs yet. A huge thank you to Melissa choosing me for this project! P.S. You can learn more about me and Saffron Avenue below!

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