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A weekly roundup of inspiration from our #howihaven feed on Instagram. Tag your posts so we can see what you’re up to and for a chance to be featured!

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Fun fact: did you know that we had a hashtag before we even had a website? Growing our brand has always been tied to connection and community, and growing with you all. Launching our #HowIHaven hashtag allowed us to get to know you from the start and help give our young brand direction two years ago. Today, over 2 years later, the feed has a whopping 165,000 posts, thanks to you all! While we typically share favorites on our IG feed here and there, we decided it was time to give these gems a home on the blog in a weekly series—highlighting a handful of your most beautiful moments. The bonus? Now they can live on your Pinterest board, too. Wink, wink.

Make sure to tag your most beautiful moments with the #HowIHaven hashtag—we love seeing what you’re up to! You might even just pop up here in our new series on the blog. Get inspired with our picks for the week below!

Interior Design: Ali Faulkner · Photography: Mol Goodman

This serene, cozy moment from Ali Faulkner is making us want to jump back on the book club bandwagon. Or, the wine club, anyone?

Kitchen: Shoreworthy

There are more than a few gems from Ashley of Shoreworthy in the #HowIHaven feed, but this shot of her kitchen is natural light-filled perfection.

Decor: Stoffer Home · Design: Jean Stoffer · Photography: Stoffer Photography

The team at Stoffer Home shares a warm message paired with the sweetest nook, “Sending you some cozy reading nook vibes complete with comfy pillows and a pretty reading light! Creating a space to relax is an important part of calling a place home.”

Design: Kate Lester Interiors · Photography: Lauren Pressey

Kate Lester says, “this was a never-used dining room before we turned it into a game room… because our clients are cool like that.”

Design: Lindye Galloway · Photography: Chad Mellon

This intimate dream pool from Lindye Galloway is divine! A cute and quick way to cool off. In the words of Lindye, “Why would you ever need a vacation when you have your very own boutique hotel on the first floor? One thing I love most about California is the blurring of indoor and outdoor living.”

Interior Design: Meg McSherry Interiors · Photography: Sarah Winchester Studios

Meg McSherry Interiors explains, “If you could see this client’s garden right about now. It’s showing off. Overflowing with beans, tomatoes, squashes, herbs and I can’t even recall what else. Perhaps I’ll get an invite to sample her harvest?” Can we join in on the fun in this kitchen, too?!

Interior Design and Build: Brett & Kara of High Street Homes · Photography: Jen Morley Burner

It’s impossible to pick a favorite element from this masterpiece of a kitchen by Brett & Kara of High Street Homes. We’ll never tire of spotting this one in the feed.

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