The Abode Shoppe

Abode Shoppe was founded by Interior Designer, Gina Baran, in 2016. The shoppe started as a small curated home goods collection of handmade and one-of-a-kind pieces Gina created for her clients. As Gina’s design firm grew so did her shop bringing in more collected decor and eventually some hand-selected lighting and accent furnishings. In 2017, Gina decided to expand the shop to offer more unique pieces to everyone, and now with the re-launch of Abode Shoppe this year, we are proud to offer a variety of designer-only goods and pieces made by artisans from across the globe. Our style is fresh and timeless as is our approach when sourcing for Abode. Our goal is to provide you with home decor that is classic, approachable and airy no matter how you live.

Photo: Melissa Baran

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